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🚦 Take a walk-around. As part of our focus on #safety in the month of August, we've prepared these top 7 Pre-Trip Inspection Walk-Around actions that drivers should carry out before hitting the road:
1. Check for flat tyres.
2. Load - make sure that the load is evenly distributed, that load doors are locked and that the load is secured if on an open-trailer.
3. Know your height. Be aware of your truck's and load's height to determine your permitted route for travel.
4. Check for leaks and damage - look under to spot any oil, coolant or fuel leaks; also check for cracks, loose or missing parts on the vehicle.
5. Are your tyres roadworthy? Check tyre tread and tyre pressure. Too little pressure and the tyres could heat up and burst; too much pressure and you could wear them out prematurely.
6. Check that the spacings are clear. Make sure that there are no stuck elements in the spacing between the the brake drum and the wheel and in-between wheels in a dual wheel trailer.
7. Fasten your fuel tank. Make sure that your fuel tank is properly closed, fastened, and that there are no leaks.
Safe travels!
Next week, we'll share our top tips for engine safety checks.