Diesel Engines


MAN Diesel Engines for Power Generation

MAN Engines offers reliable diesel engines for Emergency Standby Power (ESP) and Limited Time Running Power (LTP), Prime Power (PRP) and Continuous Power (COP) mode. In ESP and LTP operation, engines with an output from 396 kW to 1,117 kW supply emergency power during power outages in, facilities prone to failure for instance, and therefore impress through their dependable and fast load pick-up. PRP engines with an output range from 360 kW to 836 kW cover short-term peak demands, e.g. at power supply companies and energy-intensive industries. In the same way, the engines in COP operation (264 kW to 640 kW) prove their endurance with operation up to 8,000 hours per year. MAN diesel engines guarantee efficient power generation through their sturdy and simultaneously compact construction as well as their high economic efficiency.


  • Emergency Standby Power (ESP)
  • Limited Time Power (LTP)
  • Prime Power (PRP)
  • Continuous Power (COP)